About CBC

About CBC

Mission: To actively promote and build a positive business environment in Covington, Kentucky.

Vision: CBC maximizes the potential for economic growth in the City of Covington.

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Timeline and Milestones

  • 1972: CBC was founded by Ralph Haile Jr., President of Peoples-Liberty Bank & Trust Co. (currently US Bank at 606 Madison, Covington).
    • Originally known as the Covington Urban Redevelopment Effort (CURE).
    • Organization began to accept memberships and changed their name from CURE to ACT for Covington.
    • ACT became a successful partnership between the Covington Business Men's Association, the neighborhood residential groups, the City of Covington and interested citizens.
  • 1979-1989: ACT changed from focusing efforts on marketing downtown to redevelopment. The group persevered and made an even greater imact with the decade.
  • 1990: The organization officially became the CBC.
  • Today: The CBC remains invaluable to its members. We respond to their needs and requests, advocate for them with local and state officials, keep them informed of issues and legislation that affect Covington businesses, offer educational workshops, and create professional networking opportunities.

CBC Foundation

Our philanthropic organization, The CBC Foundation, Inc. is a tax deductible community development corporation. The Foundation serves as a catalyst for economic development in Covington and funds projects that promote a healthy business climate.

For information on becoming a member or finding out more about the CBC, contact Pat Frew at pfrew@cbcky.com or (859) 431-1500 ext.1.

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Our members have told us the biggest benefits from belonging are advocacy, networking and education.