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Economic Impact of Tourism in Northern KY

Posted: March 30, 2019

Brent Cooper, President of the NKY Chamber of Commerce announces the 2019 bourbon convention


Many times a particular industry fails to receive the credit it is due related to community impact because many of its jobs may not be highly skilled and accordingly don’t pay all that well and affect payroll taxes.

Take the hospitality business, meaning hotels, attractions and restaurants. While some of those jobs may be lower paying the economic impact of visitor spending is undeniable. That notion was driven home with the recent annual report of the Northern Kentucky Convention Bureau known now as meetNKY.  In fact, tourism in the region is now a FIVE BILLION DOLLAR business. In 2018, meetNKY surpassed its all-time record for hotel occupancy at nearly 73%.  These numbers are incredibly important with Covington hosting a half dozen of the largest hotels meetNKY services.  

Further convention and event demand remains strong with $53 million in future convention bookings are confirmed. Many of those meetings will be held at the Convention Center in Covington. Tour and travel groups brought more than 18,000 room nights to NKY last year.

meetNKY President Eric Summe and his staff are to be applauded for their efforts and with initiatives such as the BLine and its four Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour distilleries, five bars and five restaurants spawning our area’s first ever bourbon convention this fall, the results should only grow stronger.

It’s achievements like this that make it more important than ever that the Covington Business Council and other area agencies, Renaissance, Catalytic Fund, Southbank Partners, and many more continue to work together to make Northern Kentucky’s largest city as vibrant as possible.



Bridging Organizations and our Community Together

Posted: March 19, 2019


Pat Frew, Executive Director of the Covington Business Coucil, recently attended an inspiring new program created by CBC members Graydon and Horan called “The Bridge Series.” 

Attorney Kent Wellington of Graydon helped conceive the monthly speaker offering at Graydon’s Over the Rhine office at 1421 Main. He says his aim was to create a program that brought together positive people from all over the region to learn and grow from institutions that make Cincinnati unique. He seems to have picked the heavy hitters to start the year off right with Elizabeth Pierce CEO of the Museum Center speaking in January and Cincinnati Zoo Director Thane Maynard (pictured above) speaking in February.  Maynard discussed the world renown Zoo and what a leader the institution is in the area of conservation and animal species development.

Frew highly recommends the next session on April 5 and is planning to attend to hear from the new Director of the Cincinnati Public Library, Paula Brehm-Heeger.  The meetings are always the first Friday of the month and are free. Organizers just want you to register. Reminders are sent out once you are added to the mailing list. We hope to see you there. 




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