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Advocating for Nonprofits

Posted: February 9, 2019


CBC Executive Director Pat Frew lobbied February 7 for an important issue affecting the Covington Business Council and other nonprofits in the Commonwealth—sales tax exemptions. In the past nonprofits have not had to pay sales tax on event admissions or other related fundraising activities, including items sold or auctioned for fundraising purposes.  Forcing nonprofits to pay this tax was be cutting into dollars that are often returned for community benefit and was be very harmful in the final analysis. It appears nearly all of Kentucky’s legislators are in favoring of continuing this exemption for charities which will hopefully be remedied by three separate bills affecting 501 c3 nonprofits first, then 501 c3, c4 and c5 designations in later bills. The Business Council is considered a 501 c6 because it’s an advocacy membership organization.   Joining Pat in Frankfort was The Point/ARC Executive Director and Founder Judi Gerding who both met with State Senator Chris McDaniel (left) who chairs the Appropriations and Revenue Committee which will take on the legislation originating in the House, per state law. Stay tuned for new developments.


**Update 3/29/19 - On March 26 Governor Bevin signed HB354 into law lifting the burden off of nonprofits.   These nonprofit, governmental and civic organizations will no longer charge sales tax on nonprofit event ticket sales or items sold for fundraising purposes.  

Danielle Clore of the Kentucky Nonprofit Network wrote, "... It feels so great to celebrte today!  Yet, it is clear that there is much education and advocacy work that remains - addressing dangerous myths and misunderstanding about the essential work and vital role of nonprofits.  Advocacy is absolutely no longer optional...  Again, thank you for being on or team!  I could not be more proud to stand alongside you in this work to strengthen Kentucky communities." 



First Public Tour of the Kenton County Administration Building

Posted: February 8, 2019





The Covington Business Council Thursday evening staged the first public tour of  the new $29 million Kenton County Administration Building as part of the Council’s monthly Hard Hat Tour.  A full capacity tour of 40 people was led by Jason Spaulding of Turner Construction which is building the five story structure. They are working six days a week in hopes of completion by late summer. Don’t forget the tours, sponsored by Citizen Deposit Bank, are open only to CBC members and are part of the value of belonging to the Council.  If your company is not a member contact Executive Director Pat Frew for more information about joining today, pfrew@cbcky.com.




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