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Highlights of the CBC Legislative Luncheon

Posted: October 23, 2018

Attendees of the CBC Annual Legislative Luncheon received an update on highlights from the 2018 General Assembly session and were provided a preview of what to look for in the 2019 shortened session.  It was an all Republican panel as retiring Democratic state representative Arnold Simpson declined to participate.  The group talked about how state tax reform has made the Commonwealth more competitive with neighboring states.  In the Tax Foundation’s just-released 2019 State Business Tax Climate Index, Kentucky moved from 33rd in the nation in the 2018 index to 23rd in the 2019 index, jumping ahead 10 spots

Representative Adam Koenig discussed House Bill Two which he sponsored updating the state’s workers compensation law for the first time in more than two decades.  Representative Diane St. Ong discussed her support for entrepreneurs serving as Chair of the Small Business and Technology Committee, of which she invited fellow members to NKY in September for a tour of UpTech and all the other vibrant activity going on in Covington’s Central Business District.  State Senator Chris McDaniel discussed all the work rebuilding the state’s pension system and balancing the $30 billion state budget, an accomplishment he said is often forgotten or downplayed because of the pension reform interest.  As far as legislation that may get attention next year, Senate Majority Leader Damon Thayer said there is potential for bipartisan support for sports wagering and education reform.



Driving Innovation: The Goal for City of Covington/UpTech Collaboration

Posted: October 9, 2018



The City of Covington and start-up accelerator UpTech are in the early stages of a process designed to enhance the innovation mindset at City Hall while also helping fledgling companies get valuable customer insights.  The so-called UpTech partner program was approved by the City Commission in August.  Basic details call for representatives of each of the six companies in UpTech’s newly minted class to hold at least one meeting with city staff appropriate for the customer profile of each start-up.  


The partnership is driven on the following principles:

1. Build a more purposeful relationship between UpTech and Covington in the spirit of enhancing innovation and new business creation in Covington.

2. Provide the UpTech startups with the opportunity to pitch their businesses to city officials.  Startups will gain invaluable feedback and connections.  City officials will be exposed to new businesses located in Covington while possibly identifying how the city could use these innovations where applicable.

3. Explore events and methods to help the city become more innovative through hack-a-thons and mentorship opportunities.


“The City of Covington has been one of UpTech’s biggest supporters since 2013,” said JB Woodruff, Managing Director of UpTech.  “We are very excited to expand that support into an active partnership that will be mutually beneficial to the city and our startups. Additionally, helping to solve some of the city’s most challenging problems through entrepreneurship is one of the best ways we feel we can provide a return to the city’s investment in our program.”


Additional information can be found at https://www.uptechideas.org and https://www.covingtonky.gov.



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